Misconceptions about windscreen repair

Here at Red Rose Windscreens we are the number one windscreen repair company in Preston. From cracks and chips, to scratches and water ingress, we can help resolve and repair a range of issues, with a variety of vehicles. As a result, we have produced this guide to the most common misconceptions about windscreen repair.

What are the most common misconceptions about windscreen repair?

There are many myths regarding windscreen repair that can be potentially dangerous for those unaware. These myths include:

  • Small chips or cracks can wait for repair- this is one of the most dangerous myths in that small chips or cracks can very quickly turn into large problems when you continue to drive on the road. One pothole, heavy road vibration or uneven surface can cause this to expand rapidly, causing extreme risk to you and your passengers. You may even find that your windscreen will then need a full replacement, which is much more expensive.
  • Repairing your windscreen will take all day- windscreen repair is not generally something that will take all day, especially for small chips and cracks. In fact, when you choose us here at Red Rose Windscreens, this can be scheduled within your daily routine and should only take a couple of hours.
  • Repairing your windscreen will increase your insurance premium- windscreen repair is not something that most insurance companies will increase the premium for, as thy recognize that windscreen damage is a typical part of driving on the open road. At the same time, fixing the windscreen means that the damage can be resolved before it becomes a bigger problem, carrying a bigger risk.

Here at Red Rose Windscreens in Preston, you can count on us to fully repair your windscreen to a high standard. For more information or advice about our services, and what we can offer, get in touch with our team today.