Don’t delay: replace your damaged windscreen ASAP

If your windscreen develops a single chip, a number of small chips or a very small crack, it can be tempting to put off having it repaired or replaced. For example, you may try to avoid addressing the problem until you have more money and can afford to fix or replace your windscreen. While this course of action is understandable, it certainly isn’t advisable. It is vitally important that you have your windscreen repaired or replaced as soon as possible if it’s chipped or cracked. There are three key reasons why this is the case.

1. Safety

A chip or crack in your windscreen can obstruct your vision… even if it is very small. Driving when you are suffering from reduced visibility is always dangerous, as you may be unable to see potential hazards. Furthermore, small chips and cracks can suddenly develop into larger cracks. These can cause your windscreen to fail and break, thereby hurting or injuring you. To keep yourself safe, you should always have your windscreen repaired or replaced as soon as a problem develops.

2. Cost

Here at Red Rose Windscreens, we endeavour to keep our replacement costs as low as possible. However, it is still cheaper to have your windscreen repaired than replaced. If a chip or crack is allowed to develop and become larger, you may need us to replace your windscreen altogether. However, if you bring your vehicle to us as soon as a crack or chip appears, we will probably be able to repair it instead, thereby saving you a significant sum of money.

3. Legality

You may be committing a criminal offence if you drive with a cracked or chipped windscreen. In order to avoid facing a fine and other legal repercussions, you should have your windscreen repaired or replaced rapidly.

If your windscreen has recently been damaged, don’t wait until you have no choice but to replace it: bring it to us to have it repaired or replaced immediately. This will keep you safe, save you money and ensure that you are not breaking the law when you drive your vehicle.