Four things to consider when choosing windows for your van conversion

You have found your perfect van: great body, clean and tidy engine, low mileage and a flawless reputation for reliability. Now to convert it into the home on wheels you have been dreaming of! The first big job is to get a little more light on the matter. You want to be able to really soak up the views of all the beautiful spots out in nature you are planning to visit on weekends away and summer staycations.

So what are the most important things to consider when choosing window fittings for your new van conversion? In a van, the windows have four main functions, so consider carefully where your van needs light and ventilation, as well as security and privacy.


Where do you want the light to stream into your vehicle? Do you want the morning rays of the sun to greet you in your bed or are you more of a dormouse wanting a dark, cosy den to rest?


With all that sunlight pouring in, your van can warm up really quickly, so you want to make sure that there is a good flow of air for ventilation. Which windows need to open to allow air to pass through?

Security and privacy

Which sides of the van do you want to be able to see out of and in to? You want to enjoy the views and be able to see around the vehicle for manoeuvrability. At the same time, nobody likes feeling like a goldfish in a bowl.

We are highly experienced in fitting all kinds of vehicle windows for a range of purposes and budgets, so rest assured we can help you make the right choice. Drop us a line or come and visit us to find out more.