How to reduce your annual fuel bills

Did you know that Britain is now the most expensive country in the world in which to run a vehicle? A report by the Daily Express revealed that an average family saloon car costs £3,453 a year to keep on the road, with approximately £2,256 of this total being spent on fuel. Fortunately, this bill can be reduced by modifying your driving habits. To help you reduce your annual vehicle running costs, listed below are our top three fuel saving tips:

1 – Inflate your tyres

If you find out the correct tyre pressure levels for your vehicle from your owner’s manual then you can save up to 5% each year on your fuel bills. This is due to the fact that when your tyre pressure is too low, the amount of drag exerted on your vehicle increases, which in turn requires you to use more fuel to power your car. So by simply checking your tyre pressure every few weeks, you can save significantly on your car costs all year long.

2 – Check your engine oil

Your engine oil serves as a buffer between all of your engine’s mechanical parts. Consequently, by checking your oil levels on a monthly basis you can ensure that your vehicle is functioning as efficiently as possible at all times. The more efficient your vehicle, the more fuel you conserve, and the less money you have to spend on your car!

3 – Replace your windscreens when faulty

If you make your vehicle as streamlined as possible then less wind resistance and drag will be exerted on your vehicle, thus saving you from unnecessarily and expensive fuel bills. As a result, it’s important to repair any loose or cracked windscreens and windows as soon as these faults occur. By keeping your vehicle functioning in its optimum streamlined condition, you can save up to 20% on your fuel bills annually. So if you require fast and efficient window or windscreen repairs then why not visit Red Rose Windscreens today? Feel free to browse through our extensive online collection to learn about the various replacements and repairs that we have carried out on various residential and commercial vehicles.