Not just windscreens… we fix sun roofs too

If you’ve been driving around all summer with your broken sun roof jammed shut, no doubt you’re fed up with the car feeling like an oven when the temperatures rise. OK, you can always wind the windows down to let some of the heat escape, but sometimes you’d prefer not to get blasted by air when you’re driving at speed down the M6 or one of Preston’s many dual carriageways. It’s much better if you can simply open the sun roof to let some fresh air in, while also enjoying a few rays.

Perhaps you’ve been meaning to get the sun roof fixed for a while but aren’t quite sure how to go about it. Well, your problem is solved, as Red Rose Windscreens offer sun roof repairs alongside our core range of services. We don’t just repair and replace windscreens – we do plenty more than that. Every year, we fix sun roofs for local drivers, helping to ensure they can enjoy the full range of features on their vehicle.

Sun roof repairs aren’t necessarily just for the warm summer months either. What about if you’ve opened your roof and can’t manage to get it shut? Before long, you can guarantee your car will be left out in the rain and suddenly your interior furniture will be soaking wet. As well as being uncomfortable for the driver and passengers, a car that gets wet on the inside may end up smelling of damp. This can be a difficult situation to rectify.

Rather than taking a risk with the weather, it makes sense to get a broken sun roof fixed as soon as possible. For over 20 years, Red Rose Windscreens have offered specialist vehicle repair services to drivers in central Lancashire. Our sun roof technicians can repair faulty or leaking sun roofs – or replace them with a new model – quickly and easily, with a smile on their face. The customer experience is at the centre of everything we do and that’s why our customers keep coming back time after time.

To get your faulty sun roof repaired, give us a call on 01772 629240 or fill in the contact form on our website. We’re ready and waiting to take your call.