Be wise about Windscreens

There are many drivers whose vision is affected because of their windscreen. Over time you will get a build up of hazy film on the inside of the windscreen, and whilst cleaning it on the inside and out is important it’s not the only thing that can make visibility difficult. Any abrasions, chips or scratches on the exterior of the windscreen will make sun dazzle a lot worse too. We would also recommend changing your wiper blades annually, as new blades will be more effective at reducing and dazzle from the sun.

Chips on your windscreen should be repaired as soon as they are identified, as failure to do this will only lead to the damage getting worse. With the combined effect that frost, moisture, dirt, heat and the vibration of the car has, secondary cracks can appear leading to the windscreen needing to be replaced.

If you have a windscreen chip that is situated in front of the driver, it is only possible to repair chips that are no bigger than 10mm. If the chip is bigger than this but is situated elsewhere, it can sometimes be repaired.

When a chip in the windscreen is repaired it is filled with a clear resin, which has optical properties that are very similar to glass. Although the repair won’t make the damage completely invisible, you will hardly see it, and because the surface is so smooth it ensures your windscreen wipers don’t get damaged.

Unfortunately accidents happen and you can’t choose where or when, so if your windscreen does need to be replaced you will want a company that offers a 24 hour service throughout the year, including bank holidays. With experts on hand we can repair or replace windscreens either on site or at our premises. Call Red Rose Windscreens on 01772 629240.