What causes interior leaking in vehicles?

When we’re not repairing or replacing windshields, here at Red Rose Windscreens, we are often fixing vehicles with water ingress. Water ingress is an interior leak within a vehicle. This can be more problematic in the autumn weather, with heavy rain and low temperatures. That’s why we always recommend car owners to take a good look at their vehicle from all angles, once Autumn arrives. But what causes water ingress and interior leaking?

So, what causes interior leaking in vehicles?

So, what causes water ingress, and what should you be aware of? Well, there are 3 top causes, including:

  • Leaking roof seams or rubber gaskets
  • Blocked sunroof drain
  • Leaking windshield gaskets

Leaking roof seams or gaskets

The seams on your roof can allow water to enter your car occasionally, as they become rusted over. Bubbling or cracks in the paintwork along the seams, is a good indicator of the source of the leak. To prevent this you should try and protect your vehicle from the wet weather, especially over night.

The metal panels on your roof are usually joined by rubber gaskets. These can wear through before the metal, and when trapped rainwater freezes and expands, this can cause small cracks and gaps that allow water into your vehicle.

Blocked sunroof drain

The most common problem with the sunroof is that the sunroof gaskets and seams become worn, and allow water in. But if this isn’t the issue, your sunroof drain might be blocked. This is specifically designed to catch any incoming water, and drain it away effectively. But when blocked, the water will just leak through into your car. This will need to be resolved by a professional team.

Leaking windshield gaskets

The vibrations of the car, temperature and weather conditions, as well as just wear and tear over time, can all play a role in the degradation of windshield gaskets. These seal the gap between the windshield and the frame of the car, so any space will allow water to leak into your vehicle.

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