Why is fast windscreen repair important?

Any damage to your windscreen will need to be repaired as soon as possible. Whether this is a tiny chip or a huge crack, you will need to have your windscreen repaired rapidly. But when its just a small issue, it can be easy to overlook it completely and get on with your day. So, why is fast windscreen repair important? And why should you choose a professional team?

So, why is fast windscreen repair important?

So, why should you have your windscreen repaired as soon as possible? Well, there are a number of reasons, including:

  • Save money- fixing a small crack, or a chip as soon as it appears is a much better option than leaving it to get worse over time. Especially for your wallet. Fixing a small issue is almost always cheaper than attempting to fix the problem later on, when the crack has splintered and fractured causing more issues.
  • Your insurance- some fully comp insurance coverage will state that you need to have any windscreen issues resolved within a certain time-frame. So leaving your crack or chip without repair, could mean you are in breach of your insurance contract, and they might not pay out to cover it!
  • MOT- cracks and chips can cause your car to fail its MOT, depending on their location or position on your windscreen. So while you might think that the tiny chip is not an issue, it could become a big problem when your MOT comes around.
  • Warranty- Some newer models of car require a specialist windscreen repair and replacement, or you risk de-validating your warranty and insurance. So make sure to read that small print!

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