Car Windscreen Stress Cracks

Most of us take our windscreens for granted, that is until they break for no apparent reason. We are then stuck with the choice of leaving it and it becoming bigger or splashing the cash straight away. Although it is advised that we do spend the money, it does leave us annoyed on why it actually happened but there are a number of valid reasons.

Temperature Changes

Extreme changes in temperature can cause the cracks. For example, if it’s a hot day and you decide to wash your car then these cracks can appear. Even in the winter, the heat from inside the car can cause a crack.

Pressure Changes

These can be caused from all sorts of pressure from the wind. Whilst driving, you could find yourself against a high-pressured wind then it may crack your windscreen.

Structural Weakness

Windscreens are an important tool for the cars safety, they support the roof and the airbags if they are deployed. Therefore, a strong adhesive is used to install the windscreen. Sometimes, the adhesive after being heated up and cooled down can cause stress factors on the top of the screen. This is the most common reason for stress factors out of all three.

Not to forget, there can be cracks caused by driving and then a bit of debris flying into the car causing a crack.

It is important not to try and fix these cracks yourself as you can make them worst. You also have to get the crack repaired as soon as possible because if not you might find yourself having to replace the whole windscreen. Please also note that after you have had one crack, your car might suffer from following cracks and they do go up in price as time goes on.