De-Mist your Windscreen in Double Time!

If you’re battling with your car every morning in a bid to clean and scrape your windscreens but realize you aren’t getting anywhere, below we have listed our top tips on how to de mist your windscreen in record time!


1. Make sure your air conditioning is switched on and the heater is directly facing the windscreen. Mist is usually caused by water vapour condensation and the air con tends to dry out any air, removing the moisture.

2. Also use your heater at the same time as they will both work together to dry the glass but also cool it down at the same time. If the windscreen is icy, obviously use more heat but make sure the air conditioning is on also.

3. If your control system isn’t too clever, then driving with the windows down can help to clear the windscreen faster. It may feel cold, but the air from the outside can help to reduce the amount of water vapour that has gathered in the car.

4. If your system has an option to de mist the windscreen – use it! This will automatically adjust the ventilation system so you can get the best results!

5. Your body hear actually has a knock on effect regarding the mist on your windscreen. The more heat you carry, the better results you will see sat inside your car.

6. Start with the air conditioning on a cool temperature then slowly increase the temperature as the air begins to dry out. Don’t blast it fully otherwise you won’t see results.

7. Don’t drive until all frozen or misty glass surfaces on your car are fully clear as it’s dangerous and highly illegal.


Follow these steps accordingly and you will definitely start to see the results in a matter of minutes! Get In Touch Today!