Expert guide to windscreen damage and MOT failure

Putting your car in for its MOT can be a concerning time. From worrying about potential repair costs, to being stranded without a car, car MOT’s are not an easy time. Any windscreen damage that your car has will no doubt make you even more nervous. But is some windscreen damage acceptable? And will I still pass with scratches or chips to the windscreen? Here at Redrose Windscreens we are Preston’s favourite windscreen repair company. As a result, we have produced this guide to windscreen damage and MOT failure.

Damage that will cause MOT failure

Currently, there are a few types of windscreen damage that will lead to your car failing an MOT. These types of damage include:

  •  chips
  • scratches
  •  cracks
  • anything stuck to the windscreen and obscuring the view

However, these areas of damage need to be larger than 10mm, and they need to be within a 30 cm area of the drivers forward facing vision to result in an MOT failure.

If your cracks, chips or scratches are outside of this set area, then the problem area needs to be larger than 40mm to cause your car to fail an MOT test.

What if my windscreen has been repaired?

If you have had your windscreen repaired in the past, it will still be tested to the same standards as an un-repaired windscreen. This means that the repair needs to continue to allow for unobstructed vision. As a result, your repair will be tested to see if it is:

  •  barely detectable
  •  flush to the rest of the glass
  •  see through

If your windscreen repair is not top quality, you run the risk of failing your MOT test.

In summary

If your car is going in for an MOT, make sure your windscreen is up to scratch. Here at Redrose Windscreens we provide a friendly and professional service, repairing any damage and helping your car, pass its MOT.