Handy Tips you need to know about your Windscreen!

As it’s coming up to Winter, we have listed the top tips you need to know to stay safe not just during the cold months but also all year round!

  • Ensure that you change your wiper blades every 6 months as the rubber on them can get progressively worse as they are exposed to different weather conditions all the time.
  • Do not drive with a chipped or cracked windscreen as this is against the law and you can get fined.
  • Do not add washing up liquid to your car wash bottle as this can damage your windscreen wipers and leave a dangerous film across the car windscreen.
  • Make sure that your windows are closed when you’re driving on the motorway after fitting a new windscreen or rear screen as air pressure coming in through the windows can force the screen and car frame apart – this is very dangerous.
  • Do not ignore any chips as they can turn into large cracks which can result in a failed MOT test and an expensive windscreen replacement.
  • You can use screen wash in all types of weather and not just in Winter as it is good for washing away any bugs and grime from your windscreen.
  • Repairing is often cheaper than replacement so ensure that cracks are always fixed to prevent further damage and costs.
  • 20% to 30% of your cars structure is entirely made up of your windscreen so make sure it is installed correctly to ensure yours and your passengers safety at all times.
  • Do not drive if your windscreen wipers are experiencing any damage or defects as this is against the law and always make sure your windscreen washer bottles are always full as it can result in a fine if they aren’t.