How does a spider crack lead to a full windscreen replacement?

If your vehicle experiences a small windscreen crack from debris, and this has small hairline fractures stretching out from the centre of the impact, this may not be as harmless as you might think. Spider cracks, named after their appearance, can actually lead to a full windscreen replacement. But why? And what should you do to resolve a spider crack?

So, how does a spider crack lead to a full windscreen replacement?

Spider cracks in the windscreen often seem minor but they can lead to larger problems and even a full windscreen replacement. This can occur through a number of different ways, including:

  • Additional impact- When the initial crack was formed, it was likely the result of an impact, with a stone or debris striking the windshield. Unfortunately, this damage actually weakens the structural integrity of the glass in that area, and if you should experience an additional impact, it is likely that this will lead to more significant and notable damage. 
  • Temperature changes- Once your vehicle’s windscreen has become cracked, fluctuations in temperature, especially rapid changes, can cause a significant problem, The changes in temperature, when extreme or fast, can cause the glass to expand and contract. Around the areas of the initial crack, this effect can be extremely problematic, causing the crack to spread further, increasing the spider like pattern as the crack lengthens across the windscreen. 
  • Vibrations and stress- Compromised windscreen glass is also highly susceptible to vibrations and stress that are caused simply by driving. This is because the vehicle’s vibrations during normal driving can put additional stress on the already compromised glass. This can then cause the crack to spread further across the windscreen, potentially causing a visibility problem as well as a structural integrity issue.

As a result, when a spider crack reaches a certain stage where repair is no longer feasible, the best course of action is often a full windscreen replacement. This process involves removing the damaged glass and installing a new, structurally sound windscreen, ensuring safety and visibility. If you have a windscreen in need of repair or replacement, get in touch with the experts today, here at Red Rose Windscreens.