The difference between a bullseye chip and a crack?

The difference between a bullseye chip and a crack?

Here at Red Rose Windscreens, we are Preston’s leading windscreen repair experts. But we also know a lot about vehicles in general. So this is our guide to everything you should know about bullseye chips.

What is a bullseye chip?

A bullseye chip is usually caused by a rock or other fairly large, heavy object flying up from the road and through your windscreen. This leaves a circular chip with a cone in the glass’ outer layer. It is generally larger than a standard chip, but still has the same structure in general, with the outer glass removed by the impact or force.

What is the difference between a bullseye chip and a crack?

A bullseye chip can cause a number of issues and problems, including:

  • Obstructing visibility- because a bullseye chip is often larger than a standard chip this can obstruct more of the windscreen and consequently cause more of an issue while driving. This is also true of cracks that are large and in the driving vision, but this is much less likely.
  • Getting worse- a bullseye chip is very likely to cause further damage if left unresolved over time. This is because of the shape of the chip, with the outer layer being completely removed, and thus weakened. As a result, further impact or vibration can cause cracks and splinters to appear around the edges of the chip. This is also a problem for windscreen cracks, but bullseye chips are generally susceptible to more damage.

Bullseye chips and cracks can both be repaired

Whether your windscreen has a crack or a bullseye chip, or even a splintered bullseye chip, we can help here at Red Rose Windscreens. Our friendly team of professionals can repair or replace any windscreen, so why not get in touch today to find out more?