Keep your Windscreen Clear this Winter!

Setting of to work in the Winter can really become a task and a half, often having to wait ages for your windscreen to defrost and your car to heat up. It’s one thing after another as once you clear the ice from the outside, the inside always seems to steam up the moment you sit down.

Below we have listed the top reasons to keep your windscreen clear and safe this Winter.

Use your Time Wisely

It’s always best to spend about 10 minutes scraping the ice from your car using a scraper and de-icer, do this thoroughly but gently. Don’t forget to do this to your windows and mirrors also as these can frost over and you need these for visibility and if ignored, they can obstruct your vision on the road. Always leave enough time in the morning to do this so you’re not late for anything.

DON’T use the Kettle!

Pouring hot water over your windscreen can cause cracks through the use of thermal shock. This can write your car off and leave you with a pretty hefty bill. It’s best to use a standard de-icer and be patient.

Use your Heater Properly

One way to stop the inside of your car from misting up is to use the heater but start off with cold air, and gradually increase the heat slowly. This will get rid of any moist air within your car and leave you mist free!

Be Patient

Don’t drive your car until your windows, doors, mirrors and most importantly – your windscreen is completely clear of any ice, snow and condensation. Not only is this dangerous towards your safety, but other people’s as well. It’s also illegal and it’s always better to be safe than sorry, so be patient and wait.