How to keep your windscreen safe this Winter

Setting off for work or the school can prove to be quite difficult in Winter, especially if your car has frozen over. You sometimes have to wait an Ice Age for it to defrost, and even if the outside is clear, the inside always seems to steam up once you’ve gotten in it. To avoid this in the future, we’ve put some handy tips together so you can be on your way in no time at all!

Make sure to keep a bottle of anti-freeze in your car and squirt it on the outside of the windscreen with a proper scraping tool – not a bank card or your favourite CD’s case. This is to ensure any excess water and ice has been properly wiped away.

Most people tend to do this as a quick fix, but do not pour boiling water over any of the windows. The thermal shock that it goes through – from being sub-zero temperatures to nearly 100 degrees can crack your windscreen and you’re then dealing with a very expensive bill.

Once you get into your car and it’s steamy inside, put your heater onto full blast and set the air flow towards your windscreen. It might be cold to begin with, but it will soon warm up. Moisture from your breath can also cause the windscreen to steam up, so if your car has air conditioning, turn it on as an aid to help remove a bit of the vapour.

Don’t wipe down your windscreen with a cloth as this can leave marks and may affect your sight in the long run. Use a heater as it won’t take long at all to demist!

Finally, don’t drive until all of your windows and windscreen is clear, this means free of any snow and condensation!