Lancashire based Red Rose Windscreens can help with all your automotive glass needs.

Your vehicle’s glass is an integral part of its structure, so it’s hugely important that, if it needs replacing, this is done with precision and great care. Equally, when it comes to leaky sunroofs, these can be a real headache because of all the damage water can do, from steamy windows to sodden carpets. Luckily, we’re here to help.

But we’re about more than just repairing and replacing windscreens – we can advise on a host of other issues including:

• Repairing sunroofs
• Problems with water getting into camper vans and mobile homes – as well as cabriolet cars, which we can also clean and treat to make watertight again
• Van conversions and classic cars
• If your vehicle was hand-built, we can make glass tailored for it
• Glass for machinery including plant and agricultural equipment
• Security and privacy glass

We’re able to help, whether you run a fleet of vehicles or just your own car. And because we have an extensive range of products permanently in stock, we’re able to help you any time of day or night, whether you need a windscreen or rear or side glass screen.

In all, we have more than 180 commercial windscreens in stock and side glasses. And we’re available any day of the year, as long as we have the replacement that you need immediately available.

What’s more, we belong to a group of independent businesses which means we can reach fleet drivers wherever they are across the UK. So it’s no wonder private motorists and fleet drivers alike rely on us to provide a reliable, honest service and quality parts.

The two directors who formed Red Rose Windscreen back in 1992 still run it today. We never wanted to build a global empire or run the world – just do what we do best to a very high standard – which we do.

After all, of the thousands of replacements we did just last year, only three developed any sort of problem – a track record which speaks for itself.