The Problem of Water Ingress

The regular downpours we experience in Britain play havoc, not only with our plans, but also with cars. A car or camper van that has been poorly maintained, can actually let water into the inside of your car. As a result, water damage is a real threat to your vehicle. Here at Red Rose Windscreens, we are experts at repairing cars and preventing damage. This is our guide to water ingress.


Any vehicles can suffer from water ingress. Seals around sunroofs and windscreens can wear away over time, regardless of vehicle type. If you don’t keep on top of regular vehicle maintenance, water ingress is likely. While we are available to work with any vehicle, we do have specialisms for two specific vehicles:

  • Cabriolets


  • Camper vans


During the summer months, convertible cars are fantastic. However, if you don’t follow good maintenance routines, especially during the winter, your roof may be damaged. As a consequence, the seals around your convertible roof can become torn or worn, which means that water will be able to get into your car. Water ingress in a convertible car can cause a huge amount of damage.

Here at Red Rose Windscreens, we can offer a specialised service. Full, comprehensive cleaning, repair, and protection for your convertible or cabriolet is available to get your car back on the road, and keep it there.

Camper vans and mobile homes

Camper vans are often more likely to suffer from water ingress than other vehicles. This is because of the size and style of the design, as well as potential flaws in the build quality.

Here at Red Rose Windscreens, we are fully qualified and prepared to work on camper vans. This is not always the case with many standard garages. Our experts work with many private and commercial larger sized vehicles including camper vans. As a result, we can make sure your mobile home is ready for adventure.

In summary

If you are concerned about water ingress, or have noticed damage to your seals or roof, take action today. Water ingress can cause many problems: the earlier it is treated, the better. Contact the professionals at Red Rose Windscreens today.