Protect your windscreen this winter

Here at Redrose Windscreens, we know just how challenging winter can be for your windscreen. With freezing temperatures, snow, rain, hail and ice, to contend with, your windscreen needs to be up to the job. But what can you do to help your windscreen out, and protect your windscreen this winter?

Get your repairs in early

If you have any small cracks, scratches or chips in your windscreen, now is the time to get them repaired. This is because if you leave them over winter, they are almost guaranteed to get worse. With the heat from your cars heater, coupled with the freezing overnight temperatures, those small chips and cracks will expand and contract, getting larger and larger. As a result, you should get these repaired before the bad weather sets in.

Use De-icer

While standing outside on a freezing morning isn’t pleasant, its a lot less inconvenient than a fully broken windscreen! Some people try to speed up the ice removal process with boiling water, but trust us, that is not a good idea. Instead spend a little time with a scraper and de-icer and your windscreen will remain in tact and undamaged.

Do not use the kettle

While pouring warm or hot water over the ice might seem like a good idea, it causes the ice to heat too quickly, and causes thermal shock. This can lead to a cracked or even fully broken windscreen. If this is the case you can expect a hefty bill and a bigger problem than waiting for the de-icer to work!

The cars heater

While it might be tempting to put your cars heater on full blast, that will leave your windscreen totally misted up, and you wont be able to see when you set off. Instead, just be patient. Start your heater on a cooler temperature, and gradually increase the heat. This way you will get rid of moist air from the low temperatures, and leave your windscreen mist free.

For more information or advice, get in touch with the experts today, here at Red Rose Windscreens.