Quickly defog your windscreen this winter

Here at Red Rose Windscreens, we are Preston’s leading windscreen repair specialists. And these are our tips to help you quickly defog your windscreen this winter.

How to quickly defog your windscreen this winter

A foggy windscreen can be inconvenient when you are in a rush to work in the morning, or trying to get home in the evening. In the winter, this can be even more common than frost or a frozen windscreen. This is because fog inside the windscreen is caused by cooler temperatures outside and warmer temperatures within the vehicle. This causes condensation which initially will settle like a fine fog across the glass, making it difficult to see out of the windscreen. To get rid of this fog quickly, you can:

  • Turn up the heating- when we first enter the car or vehicle we can make the condensation worse with out cold breath and wet clothes adding to the moisture in the car. But turning up the heating as soon as you enter the car you help withdraw more of the moisture from the inside of the vehicle. This will help clear the condensation and fog on the inside of the windscreen by taking away the moisture instead of adding to it.
  • Turn on the air conditioning- the air conditioning is another great option for taking away the moisture within the car and helping to get rid of condensation.
  • Open the windows- while this may seem counter-intuitive, if your windscreen is covered in fog and condensation, you should also open as many windows as possible. While this may be cold and uncomfortable during the winter, it is actually very effective. This is because the more humid air inside your car will be replaced with the drier outside air, again reducing the moisture within the vehicle and beating condensation issues.

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