Redrose Windscreens – Services Provided

You’re sat in your car, your seatbelt’s on and you’re about to put the keys in the ignition when you realise that your windscreen has a chip. Before you know it, that chip becomes a crack and that crack becomes a shatter. So, what do you do?

Well you call Redrose Windscreens of course!

Over here at Redrose, and being one of the leading companies in Preston and Lancashire that deal with commercial vehicle and private windscreen replacements, we can guarantee that we’re the team best suited for you and your vehicle.
Our staff are fully trained with NVQ’S which means we are able to fit more than 3,500 pieces of glass a year! But it gets better, we are able to do this all day, every day; so you’re never left hanging.

So I should be telling you what kind of services we provide right? Well, buckle up.

If it’s water ingress you’re after, from mobile homes to camper vans, we’re the team for you. Or if it’s sun roof repairs, van conversions and cleaning solution you’re looking for, look no further because we tackle that too! If you’re the creative type, and have hand built the vehicle yourself, we even custom make tailor made glass to suit you and your car.

It doesn’t get any better than that does it? Wrong.

Our company is able to accompany your needs anytime, day or night! We have a widespread range of windscreens, side glass and rear screens ready to be delivered whatever the case may be.
Commercial needs, as well as domestic are something else we provide as well, top notch right?!

We’re a friendly bunch of people, easily accessible and always on call. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quick chat on any enquires you may need.