Windscreen repair this New Year

Chips on the windscreen can easily be ignored, especially if they are not in your line of sight. But chips can quickly become cracks, that can jeopardize the stability of your windscreen, and also impede your cars ability to pass an MOT. As it’s almost New Years Eve, you might be thinking about making a New Years resolution, and if your windscreen has a chip, repairing this should be one resolution you stick to. But why should you consider windscreen repair this New Year? And what are the benefits of this?

What are the causes of windscreen chips?

Windscreen chips are caused by a number of things, including:

  • loose gravel on the road
  • vibrations from uneven surfaces and bumps from pot holes
  • drastic temperature changes

Why should you consider windscreen repair this New Year?

With the weather set to plummet throughout January and February, repairing that small chip should be a priority, as ice and frost will only cause this chip to expand into a much larger crack. A larger crack could result in your car failing the MOT test this upcoming year. In fact:

  • cracks larger than 10mm, and within a 30cm radius of the drivers forward facing vision will result in a fail
  • cracks outside of this radius, larger than 40mm will also result in a fail

As cracks get larger from the vibrations of travelling, it’s likely that your small chip could result in more costly, and time consuming repairs, if you don’t get it repairs sooner, rather than later.

Repairing your windscreen chips

A small chip can be repaired within an hour. So you wont be off the road for very long at all. While a larger chip or crack could take a full day to repair. So it really does pay to get this repaired early.

For more information, or for professional windscreen repairs you can trust, get in touch with Red Rose Windscreens today.