Repairing glass scratches on your windscreen

While chips and cracks need to be repaired by the professionals as soon as possible, scratches can often be removed at home. However, you dont want to make the problem worse. As a result, we at Red Rose Windscreens have produced this guide to repairing glass scratches on your windscreen.

Before you begin

As you dont want to make the scratches any worse, and of course you need to protect your glass, follow these tips:

  • if your glass is not toughened, tempered or laminated be careful not to generate too much heat. This is because too much heat will cause the glass to break completely.
  • apply a water flow to the glass to keep it cool during the process to help protect your glass

Steps for repairing glass scratches on your windscreen

  • clean the scratched area carefully, removing all the dust and dirt that might have collected in the imperfection.
  • Using a standard drill, attach a polishing backing plate, and fit a polish pad to this plate.
  • fill a spray bottle or pop bottle with water
  • apply some glass polisher onto the pad and place the face of the polishing pad to the effected area of the windscreen.
  • start your drill but never exceed 2500 rpm
  • keep the polishing face flat against your glass and move the drill slowly across the effected area.
  • Do not keep the pad in one place for more than 20 seconds, as this can make the glass crack.
  • Once the scratches have been removed, use regular glass cleaner to remove any remaining residues and check the effect of the scratch removing process.

If your scratch removal is not successful, why not contact the experts today, here at Red Rose Windscreens.