Smart Windscreens, is this the future for motorists?

Your windscreen is one of the most important components on your car, it’s your protection, your ally. We have to treat it with the utmost respect and care and in return it keeps us safe and out of harms reach. But! There is chatter in the pipes of a new windscreen making its way to us soon.

It has been speculated that Apple, who have single handily changed technology for everyone are creating a fully functional, touch windscreen – and it won’t even be that long of a wait!

The company is working together to use visual and augmented reality to allow users to manipulate visual interfaces on already existing surfaces. So, if this is true, this means we will be able to view certain information that will help guide us on the roads, all from the touch of the windscreen.

By using augmented reality, this could mean better use for the windscreen itself such as allowing the rear and side view windows to be displayed in comfortable formats for the driver to see. This is all alongside the touch element which will include a GPS system for sound guidance.

Even though this is all just speculation right now, the idea of a multi faced windscreen, complete with touch technology is probably likely. But first, we have to take into consideration the practicality of the windscreen as they are essential to seeing a wide view of the road in front of us. A lot of factors will need to be put into place and tests to be run to be deemed safe to use before it is actually put up for market.

While we may not have to wait ages for this to happen, it still might take a couple of years to perfect so don’t be too bombed down with your normal windscreen just yet!