Spring maintenance for your car

Now that Spring has finally arrived, you might be thinking about Spring cleaning. But we all know housework is not as fun as taking a look at your vehicle. So now could be a great time to get outside and check over your car for signs of wear and tear or damage. And here at Red Rose Windscreens in Preston, we are happy to talk you through spring maintenance for your car.


Over the winter, your windscreen can take a real beating from the elements. Expanding and contracting, winter generally means a lot of movement for windscreens, and this can have a negative impact on the seal between the windscreen and the roof. If this does become loose, you could then experience issues with water ingress. Check over your windscreen seals to make sure they are all in tact.

Spring maintenance should also involve checking for slight cracks or chips in the windscreen. These can be easier to miss in winter, because of the darkness, the weather and the rain. But if there are any imperfections, the sun will soon bring these to light. And you should look at repairs as soon as possible.

Sun roofs

It’s not just windscreens that suffer in the winter, sun roofs can have similar issues with movement and loose seals, again causing water ingress. Take a look at your windscreen and make sure the seals are fully in tact, all the way around the opening, on both the outside and the inside of the car. If you notice any damage, talk to the professionals immediately.

In addition, you should also check your sun roof for full functionality, as it is likely that you haven’t used it since last summer.


For more information or advice about spring maintenance for your car or vehicle, get in touch with the experts today, here at Red Rose Windscreens. Preston’s leading windscreen experts.