Common causes of windscreen cracks

Windscreen cracks, chips or breaks can be a huge inconvenience for any driver. Especially if your job relies on a working vehicle. Here at Red Rose Windscreens, we are Preston’s leading windscreen repair specialists. From tiny fractures, to full windscreen repairs, we can provide a range of repair services to get your vehicle back on the road. But avoiding this damage in the first place, would be more beneficial for any driver. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about the common causes of windscreen cracks.

 What are the most common causes of windscreen cracks?

There are many reasons for windscreen cracks appearing, but the most common causes of windscreen cracks include:

  • The temperature- in the heat, your windscreen will naturally expand. But in the cold, it will contract. This process over time can weaken your windscreen. But it is most often deliberate temperature changes that cause the problems. For example, pouring boiling water over your windscreen on a frosty, winters morning changes the temperature dramatically, in a very short space of time. And this will lead to cracks appearing.
  • Gravel- Gravel roads or driveways are another of the top reasons for windscreen cracks. The loose gravel can fly up from the wheels, and there is no way of determining where it will land. If you are unfortunate enough to have the gravel land directly on your windscreen, you can be sure that a crack, or chip will appear.
  • Uneven road surfaces- pot holes in the road, and taking speed bumps too fast are further causes of windscreen damage. This is usually in the form of expanding pre-existing issues, and making small chips, turn into large cracks.

As a result, if you notice any small chips, however minuscule, on your windscreen, you should get it repaired as soon as possible. Any temperature changes, gravel, or uneven roads can pose a risk to a healthy windscreen, and one that is already chipped is only going to get worse.

If you have a crack or a chip that needs professional attention, get in touch with the experts today, here at Red Rose Windscreens.