Weatherproofing your windscreen

When it comes to your car, you really can never be too careful. This is especially true for your windscreen, where any tiny amount of surface damage can quickly turn into a huge problem. Here at Red Rose Windscreens, we are Preston’s favourite windscreen experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to weatherproofing your windscreen.

What is weatherproofing?

Making sure your windscreen is prepared to withstand any weather is important for driving safety. So what can you do to secure your windscreen against the weather?

If you are heading for a rainy season, you can always apply rain repellent, which creates a ‘hydrophobic’ surface on the windshield. This type of product can repel rain, snow and sleet as soon as it hits your windscreen, and reduce the friction between the windscreen glass and the windscreen wipers, and as a result, prevent small scratches from appearing.

Alternatively, for the winter, don’t be tempted to turn up your heater to get rid of ice on the windscreen. Instead, turn the defroster on the lowest setting, allowing the glass to slowly heat up in a more safe fashion. This means that cracks and chips will be less likely to appear.

Furthermore, in bright sunlight and sunny days, you need to wipe down the inside of your windscreen regularly. This is because a build up of dirt and grime on the inside can cause a lot of glare in direct sunlight, and negatively effect your visibility.

Whatever the weather, make sure you regularly check for chips and cracks and contact us for a repair, the sooner the better.

The advantages of weatherproofing:

Weatherproofing can increase visibility- By keeping your windscreen prepared for all weathers, you will have increased visibility.

Weatherproofing can keep your windscreen protected- Weather factors can have a detrimental effect on your windscreen and cause cracks, scratches and chips to appear. Weatherproofing reduces this risk.

Weatherproofing can protect your windscreen wipers- These are always wiping away the elements, and the friction this can cause can ruin your windscreen wipers. As a result, they will wipe unevenly and reduce your visibility. Being weather prepared can protect against this.

If you need more information about weatherproofing your windscreen, or if your windscreen is suffering the effects of weather damage, contact us today at Red Rose Windscreens.