What is water ingress?

Here at Red Rose Windscreens, we are your windscreen repair experts. Whether its a tiny chip, or the biggest crack, we are have the skills and experience to repair them all. This experience also extends to water ingress. But what is water ingress? And what kind of damage can it cause?

What is water ingress?

Poorly maintained vehicles can let water enter your car. This is known as water ingress. And the regular showers, storms and downpours we experience across the UK, really don’t help. Water damage can cause serious issues, and it is usually associated with the windscreen or sunroof seals. As a result, if your don’t keep up with correct vehicle maintenance, and you don’t act as soon as you notice a problem, you could find yourself with a big water ingress issue.

Water ingress and vehicles

Any type of vehicle can experience water ingress. But some are more prone to it than others. This is because water ingress is usually caused by loose or ill-fitting seals around the sunroof, or the windscreen. Some of the vehicles most often affected are:


While the summer months are perfect for convertible cars, without the proper care and attention, they can suffer damage. This usually occurs in the roof, especially, where the roof meets the windscreen. As the roof on a convertible can be attached and detached frequently, the seals to the windscreen are a notoriously weak point. As a result, they can begin to let the water in. Water ingress in a convertible car can cause a considerable amount of damage.

Camper vans and mobile homes

The most common type of vehicle to suffer from water ingress is surprisingly the camper van. It is thought that the size, the additional weight, and the design of the camper van itself can put additional pressure on seals and joins, leaving them open to damage. Once they are damage, water ingress becomes a very big problem.

If you are concerned about water ingress, or have noticed damage to your seals or roof, take action today. Water ingress can cause many problems: the earlier it is treated, the better. Contact the professionals at Red Rose Windscreens today.