Why do windscreen wipers stop working?

The difference between a bullseye chip and a crack?

When it comes to staying safe while driving, and keeping your vision ahead clear, the windscreen wipers are undoubtedly an essential tool. But occasionally, these may stop working altogether, or stop working as they should. But what are the most common reasons why windscreen wipers stop working? And what should you do about this? 

So, why do windscreen wipers stop working?

There are several reasons why windscreen wipers stop working. These include:

  • Torn wiper blades- if your wiper blades are in a bad state, the chances are, they wont work very effectively. If the rubber around the edges of the trims becomes damaged, this will not properly meet the surface of the windscreen, leaving a small gap in which dirt and debris can become trapped. And ultimately, this can cause windscreen scratches due to the movement of the blades over the top of trapped dirt and debris.
  • Bent windscreen wipers- in the winter months, heavy snow on your windscreen can lead to damaged or bent windscreen wipers which can prevent these from working effectively. If the debris cannot be wiped off the windscreen correctly because your windscreen wipers are bent out of shape, this can lead to windscreen damage including scratches and chips, as any dirt or gravel cannot be wiped away.
  • A broken motor- if the windscreen wiper motor breaks, then you will be unable to use your windscreen wipers, potentially resulting in damage as outlined above.

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