Why you should care about water ingress

It’s always fun planning for a summer holiday, but when out and about with your vehicle you should know to never trust the British weather. Within minutes a hot sunny day can become a torrential downpour and with a poorly maintained car or mobile home, you could suffer from water ingress.

Water ingress is when water finds its way into your car, which of course can cause a number of problems including significant damage if left unchecked. This can happen on any car or vehicle and you should always get your vehicle checked if you notice water inside the car, but there are also a couple of things to watch out for in particular as the summer holidays get nearer.


Convertible cars are fantastic during the warmer weather, but if you don’t keep the roof clean and dry during the less clement periods of the year you’ll soon find that the material can be damaged and, more importantly, the seals can become worn which will lead to further ingress issues down the line.

Here at Red Rose Windscreens we offer a complete and comprehensive cleaning and treatment solution that is able to repair and protect cabriolet cars and ensure they can be enjoyed as intended for as long as possible.

Camper vans and mobile homes

Thanks to the size and style of camper vans and mobile homes many are more susceptible to water ingress, whether due to poor build quality or ultimately the design of these vehicles.

Many standard garages will not be able or willing to deal with camper vans and mobile homes, but our team are fully versed in dealing with all kinds of private and commercial vehicles, and our experts can help get your mobile holiday home repaired and ready for your next adventure, whatever the weather.

Whenever you’re concerned about weakened convertible roofs or damaged seals, don’t wait until you’re driving with your feet in water and a repair bill that grows on a daily basis. Call Red Rose Windscreens on 01772 629240 and enjoy our outstanding service.