Windscreen and vehicle problems associated with Autumn

Here at Red Rose Windscreens¬†we are Preston’s leading windscreen repair company. From cracks and chips, to scratches and water ingress, we can help resolve and repair a range of issues, with a variety of vehicles. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about the windscreen and vehicle problems associated with Autumn weather conditions.

What are the most common windscreen and vehicle problems associated with Autumn?

The autumn weather can contribute to a wide range of common windscreen and vehicle problems which include:

  • Water ingress- autumn tends to be one of the wettest seasons in the UK and this means that water ingress can be more a common problem. This occurs when water enters the vehicle from gaps in the roof seams, windscreen seams or sunroof, or if the sunroof drain is blocked. This can cause water to seep into vehicle components often unnoticed, or it can cause water to drip into the vehicle causing potentially dangerous distraction while driving.
  • Leaf damage to windscreens- autumn leaves may look beautiful, but keeping on top of fallen leaves can be a constant battle. Leaves that are left to build up on windscreens during the autumn months can actually be dangerous because these leave dark and discoloured patches across the windscreen, obscuring visibility. Any stuck leaves can also prevent the windscreen wipers from working correctly and if you get caught in a heavy downpour, and your wipers aren’t working, you could be putting your life, or that of others, at risk.
  • Paint damage- fallen leaves stuck to the paintwork of your vehicle can start to decompose and release chemicals that leak into your paint work, leaving marks and patches of discolouration. This can be expensive to resolve but can even lead to rust if not rectified.

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