Windscreen care tips for the summer

Now that the Great British summer has finally arrived you should be aware of the windscreen care tips that you will need to bear in mind. Just like the winter, the summer brings its own set of issues for your windscreen. Here at Red Rose Windscreens we are windscreen experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to windscreen care tips for the summer.

Make sure that you:

Check that your windscreen wipers are operating well, and are in good condition. This is one of the most important windscreen care tips because the dust and dirt from dry roads and roadworks can cause scratches if your windscreen wipers are not well maintained. This is more likely to occur in summer, when the roads are a lot dryer.

Check your windscreen for any sings of damage. During the summer we are more likely to venture out into the countryside or the coast with the car. Although this makes for a great day out, the roads in these areas a not maintained the same as towns and cities, and loose stones and grit can damage your windscreen. As a result, you should regularly check for damage, especially after summer days out.

Clean and polish your windscreen regularly to reduce glare. Glare from the sun can cause road traffic accidents but you can reduce this risk by regularly cleaning your windshield. Glare is more likely to occur if you have surface scratches on your windscreen, another reason to always check for damage.

Make sure you dont:

Leave any of the chips or scratches that might appear untreated. This is because the hot temperatures in the summer allow glass to expand, which will increase the size of the chip or crack and cause a much bigger problem. In fact, your car could fail its MOT as a result!

For more information or advice, or for any windscreen repairs, contact the professionals at Red Rose Windscreens today.