Windscreen damage and MOT FAQs

Here at Redrose Windscreens we are Preston’s leading windscreen repair company. From cracks and chips, to scratches and water ingress, we can help resolve and repair a range of issues, with a variety of vehicles. As a result, we have produced this guide to the questions we are most frequently asked regarding windscreen damage and MOT failure.

Will windscreen damage lead to an MOT failure?

Windscreen damage including cracks, chips and scratches can cause a vehicle to fail an MOT. However, this damage needs to meet particular requirements to result in an instant fail.

What are the MOT windscreen zonal areas?

The windscreen is divided into two areas. These are the ‘A-zone’, described by The AA as “a 290mm wide band centered on the steering column and bounded top and bottom by the wiper swept area”, and elsewhere on the windscreen.

Within this A-zone,any chips, cracks or damage that is larger than 10mm across will result in your car failing its MOT.

On the rest of the windscreen, your car will typically fail its MOT if there is any damage larger than 40mm across.

Will my car pass it’s MOT if the windscreen has been repaired?

In most cases, a professional windscreen repair will allow your vehicle to pass the MOT. However, this will be examined during the MOT to see if the repair work is:

  •  barely detectable
  •  flush to the rest of the glass
  •  see through

If your windscreen repair does not meet these standards then your vehicle may not pass the MOT. That’s why you should always choose a professional, high quality and reputable windscreen repair company.

Here at Red Rose Windscreens in Preston, you can count on us to fully repair your windscreen to a high standard, helping your car pass its MOT.