Windscreen damage that will cause MOT failure

Here at Redrose Windscreens we are Preston’s leading windscreen repair company. From cracks and chips, to scratches and water ingress, we can help resolve and repair a range of issues, with a variety of vehicles. As a result, we have produced this guide to windscreen damage and MOT failure.

What are the types of windscreen damage that will cause MOT failure?

If your windscreen has any of the following types of damage, it could be at risk of failing an MOT. These types of damage include:

  • chips
  • scratches
  • cracks

However, there are specific rules regarding this damage, including:

  • Proximity to the drivers forward facing vision- for the damage to cause MOT failure, it must fall within a 30 cm area of the drivers forward facing vision.
  • The size of the damage- if the damage does fall within this space, the damage must be larger than 10mm to cause an MOT failure. Outside of the drivers view radius, cracks, chips or scratches must be larger than 40mm to cause your car to fail an MOT test.

Windscreen repair

The best way to be sure about your MOT results is to have your windscreen repaired. For any cracks or chips this should be done immediately, as continuing to drive could cause the windscreen to lose structural integrity and crack even further. However, your repair also needs to be high quality and professional. This will be tested during an MOT to ensure the repair is:

  •  barely detectable
  •  flush to the rest of the glass
  •  see through

If your repair work is not up to standard, you run the risk of failing an MOT anyway.

Here at Red Rose Windscreens in Preston, you can count on us to fully repair your windscreen to a high standard, helping your car pass its MOT.