Windscreen problems associated with freezing weather

Here at Redrose Windscreens we are Preston’s leading windscreen repair company. From cracks and chips, to scratches and water ingress, we can help resolve and repair a range of issues, with a variety of vehicles. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about the effects of freezing temperatures on vehicle windscreens.

What are the most common windscreen problems associated with freezing weather?

There are a number of common issues and problems related to freezing weather and windscreens. These include:

  • Expanding cracks and chips- even if you thought your windscreen was in the perfect condition, tiny hairline cracks and chips can still be present. And in freezing temperatures, when your windscreen freezes over, the water will find it’s way into these, before expanding, widening the chip or crack and making this more and more noticeable each time the freeze/thaw cycle continues.
  • Crack creation- chips and cracks aren’t just expanded by the freezing temperature, they can also be caused. Snow can carry lumps of ice and debris, especially when this is flicked up by a passing car, even when you are parked. This can be enough impact to chip your windscreen. Cracks and chips also appear when owners try to use hot water to de-ice the car on a winters morning, creating too much of a temperature contrast and causing thermal shock.

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