Windscreen Repair FAQ

Windscreen Repair – FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently commonly asked questions about windscreen repair:

Insurance Coverage

Your car insurance varies in terms of what it will cover and what it won’t and in terms of windscreen replacement, this can be a tricky one. The general rule is as follows: “the full cost of the replacement will be covered by your insurance if you have a fully comprehensive policy”. This policy may also require an excess that can apply to replacement glass and installation.

If you don’t have a fully comprehensive policy, then you may be required to pay the full bill yourself.

Small Chips and Cracks

It’s a rule that not every damaged windscreen needs to be replaced. Technology nowadays provides technicians with the ability to handle even bigger chips and cracks, so essentially; small cracks and chips can be repaired as this includes a process which melts the glass back together and only an experienced technician can determine this for you.

How Long Does It Take?

Each car is different so the waiting time differs as well. In some instances, cars can be completed within a couple of hours and as an added extra, some windscreen repair companies will make the trip to come to you. In these cases, you set up a date and time and you can get your windscreen replaced without having to take your car to the shop.

Does it Affect the Value?

How it affects the value depends entirely on what the car looks like at the beginning and what it looks like at the end. By getting a certified, factory approved windscreen, then it should not affect the value, however, if you decide on a third party product that doesn’t meet the manufactures requirements, then this can affect the value of the car.