Windscreen Safety

The vision of many drivers is affected by the windscreen. Windscreens suffer from small chips, cracks, and scratches, often caused by loose debris from the road. On the inside, a hazy film can build up. But what should drivers do about this? And when is the time to act? Here at Red Rose Windscreens we are windscreen experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to windscreen safety,

Sun glare

Chips and cracks on the windscreen make the dazzle from the sun worse. This can cause road accidents. As a result, you should change your wiper blades annually. This will help keep your windscreen clean of debris, so you can drive safely.


Windscreen chips should be repaired immediately. The sooner you can repair a windscreen from a chip or a crack, the better. This is because the longer you leave it, the worse the damage will become. From frost to moisture, and vibrations to heat, your windscreen takes a lot of pressure. A crack or chip will only increase in size because of the elements it is exposed to. In addition, the chip or crack can splinter causing secondary cracks and reducing visibility.

There are different regulations governing repairs of windscreens. For example:

  • Chips that are located in front of the driver can only be less than 10mm in size to be repaired. A chip that is larger than this and in front of the driver will mean a windscreen replacement.
  • Chips that are larger than 10mm but away from the driver side can often be repaired, depending on the size.

Whether your windscreen needs repairing or fully replacing, the sooner you act, the better.

Internal haze

On the inside of the windscreen, a haze can build up. This can decrease visibility and lead to accidents. Caused by the air conditioning, the heating, and even “vinyl fog”, the haze needs to be controlled. You should regularly clean the inside of the windscreen with a microfibre cloth and some cleaner specifically designed for this job.

In summary

Windscreen safety is essential. Chips and crack cause road accidents and even death. The same is true of sun glare and internal haze. Be safety conscious and contact the professionals at Red Rose Windscreens today.