Windshield problems caused by winter sun

While there are no shortages of problems caused by the cold winter weather like frost, ice and snow, the winter sun can be problematic too, especially for the windshield. So what are the most common Windshield problems caused by winter sun? And how can these problems be avoided? 

What are the most common winter sun and windshield issues?

The winter sun tends to be low on the horizon, and can be very bright on days with little cloud cover. This can cause a number of issues, including:

  • Glare or haze- glare or hazy light through the windscreen occurs when your windshield is a little dirty, or greasy. This occurs more frequently during the winter and the summer months, when the heating and cooling systems are used to fire out warm or cold air, depending on the requirements. This can leave a layer of grime on the inside of the windscreen, and when this is illuminated by sunlight, especially low winter sunlight, it can create hazy patches of vision that can be incredibly dangerous to drive with. For windscreens that are already scratched or chipped, the glare can even be caused by these surface imperfections.
  • Increasing the freeze/thaw process- low winter sun can accelerate the freeze/thaw process because this will burn off the morning frosts quite quickly on some late winter mornings. But if you have a windscreen with a chip or crack, this could also cause the crack to expand, and over time, and repetitions of this process, the crack will become increasingly larger and more problematic.

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